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Are You Ready For Your Next
Data Discovery Mission?

Arm your defense agency with the most secure data discovery technology to achieve your mission and elevate your legal operations.

Equip Your Agency with
Next-Gen AI-powered Technology to Achieve Your Mission

In this guide, we provide the resources for agencies to lock arms with the right partner to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with the highest security and privacy standards. You'll walkaway with:

  • Ways to overcome DoD’s biggest data discovery challenges
  • The key benefits DoD agencies gain when leveraging next-gen technology
  • How to navigate complex procurement processes
  • A strategic 5-step road map for technology adoption

The Biggest Data Discovery Challenges Faced By Defense Agencies Today

Defense agencies face many significant obstacles as technology evolves and the legal landscape shifts.
Here are the top six data discovery challenges faced by defense agencies:

The Biggest Data Discovery Challenges-01

Legacy On-Premises Technology

Limited Resources

Manual Review and Collection Delays

Addressing Commanding General’s Needs

Large Caseloads and Massive Data Volumes

Transition to the Cloud

Unlock Next-Gen Solutions to Solve for DoD Use Cases

When sifting through the marketplace of data discovery tools, it’s critical to select one with the credentials required by the DoD.
Only Casepoint checks all of the DoD’s boxes to support any use cases across the armed forces.

Investigations and Audits

Investigations and

Litigation Discovery


FOIA Requests and Congressional Inquiries

FOIA Requests and
Congressional Inquiries

Legal Hold and Data Preservation

Legal Hold and Data

Casepoint Has Achieved the Highest Levels of Security Standards and Certifications

The Most Trusted eDiscovery 
Solution For Government

Casepoint’s platform hosts more mission critical data in the cloud than any other provider. Our dedicated Government Team supports top federal and state agencies. See how we've built our solution to support the growing number of government use cases.

Casepoint Legal Hold
For Government

Casepoint’s Legal Hold solution lowers the risk and number of hours government agencies spend on the legal hold process. Ditch the spreadsheets, and opt for Casepoint Legal Hold for an efficient, cost-effective, and secure solution to the legal hold process.

Casepoint’s End-to-End FOIA Management Solution

Casepoint FOIA seamlessly integrates cutting-edge FOIA workflow tracking, management capabilities, a dedicated client portal, and compliance reporting. Say goodbye to fragmented workflows and streamline FOIA requests with precision by leveraging the most comprehensive FOIA solution in the market.

Streamline FOIA Workflows With an End-to-End FOIA Management Solution

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