Streamline Your eDiscovery RFP Process With Our Step-by-Step Procurement Guide

Investing in a Legal Hold and eDiscovery solution will undoubtedly improve legal operations and data management. But how do you choose the right partner? Where do you start?

This guide is designed to serve as a comprehensive framework for evaluating eDiscovery vendors. It identifies key attributes to assess vendors and provides insights on how to compare their capabilities and credentials. This guide includes “pro tips” to help you make the most of your evaluation, including:

  • A list of steps you can take during the evaluation process
  • How to triangulate the needs of all internal stakeholders, including how to identify all eDiscovery use cases (known and unknown)
  • How to validate the flexibility and scalability of the technology to integrate key processes for legal hold, cloud collections, case management, and more 
  • How to assess security credentials, risk management, and compliance requirements
  • Action points for every step of the procurement process

Download our eDiscovery Procurement Guide and get started with your RFP process today!

Buyers Guide

What Key Features Should You Look For in an eDiscovery Solution?

To achieve optimal Legal Operations maturity and efficiency, the first step is to find an end-to-end
solution that can support your data discovery workflow from beginning to end.
Cloud Data Collections

Cloud Data Collections

Early Case Assessment / Early Data Assessment

Early Case Assessment / Early Data Assessment

Casepoint’s Legal Operations Maturity Model

As a first step in the RFP process, evaluate which stage of maturity your legal operations falls in by using our proprietary maturity model. Establishing a baseline is a critical part of the eDiscovery selection process. Leverage our maturity model to define a foundation, identify gaps accurately, make improvements to meet strategic goals, and gain immediate control over risk and cost for long-term success.

eDiscovery Maturity
Success Stories

Hear from leading corporations that have partnered with Casepoint to take control and streamline their workflows. These are proven success stories where standardizing on one eDiscovery technology have resulted in less risk and more control and transparency over legal spend.

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